Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, “Air Head” Composting Toilet is classified as a MSD type III.

Once solid matter enters the main tank, the foul-smelling anaerobic bacteria dies in a few days in the presence of air, making way for non-odorous aerobic bacteria. This process works best when urine is not present, (as inside the “Air Head”), due to a carbon/nitrogen ratio that maximizes aerobic bacterial action.

Yes, two people will be able to use the solid tank for a month prior to emptying.

Yes, two people can use the solid tank every weekend of the summer prior to emptying!

It depends on usage.

At Sea: When offshore and/or outside of the legal limits of United States, the solids may be taken to the edge of the boat and dumped overboard. Dumping naturally produced matter in US inland lakes and coastal areas is illegal and environmentally unsound due to the potential for high concentrations of waste in these areas. High concentrations of waste results in elevated algae growth, and death of oxygen breathing aquatic species. Hygiene is an issue, as well. This is not the case when out to sea. The “Air Head” Composting Toilet allows cruisers the opportunity to fill up on anchor and dump on passages, thereby eliminating the need to dirty the beautiful, clear tropical waters they worked so hard to sail to. The solid tank should hold about a month of every day uses for a couple.

On Land: Following the instructions provided with the unit on this topic, the solid tank contents may buried in ornamentals or sprinkled on top depending on conditions. A once a season emptying scenario is possible where a family of two consistently uses the “Air Head” Composting Toilet for five months twice each weekend totaling 80 uses or less. This amount of usage allows tank contents sufficient time to dry or break down. After a season’s worth of boating, the contents of the solid tank will be dry as a desert or slightly moist. In relative terms, of course, the state of these contents will be surprisingly pleasant, having only a slight musty smell. This is assuming the tank is emptied the following spring or a few weeks after the last use. So the best scenario is to empty the following spring during commissioning.

We do not recommend the unit remain installed with the fan disconnected. Moisture and a musty smell will be noticed inside the cabin when the fan is not running for any long period of time. We recommend the use of a small five- to ten-watt solar panel to offset the drain on the batteries.

We welcome all non-profit organizations to approach us with your needs. Particularly, we encourage groups who are building school or housing for those who may find themselves in distress to contact us. Please provide your non-profit Federal Tax ID number and a summary of the work you are doing, including how our product would be of assistance.

We will not consider unsolicited sponsorship from private parties or private organizations and cannot respond to these types of requests.

We do our best to be fair and honest about our pricing, which means that the price on the website is generally the only price available. However, we believe that trade shows and festivals encourage community and camaraderie among people with a common interest, and we enjoy showing our support at these gatherings. When we have an exhibition at such a show, we will often provide a modest discount to those who attend. This discount is intended to help defray the costs of travel and admission and is not a general discount for everyone during this time. In order to obtain a show discount, please provide valid payment information indicating admission into the show. Occasionally, we feature the “Air Head” in online marketplaces such as “Ebay.” These offers may include a modified configuration at possibly a reduced price. No other discounts should be expected.

Accordion Content

No. However,various territorial authorities have differing rulings but in general no permit is required as you are not connecting to any public infastructure.

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