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Eco-friendly solution
on land or water
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Worlds most compact composting toilet

Ideal for boats, RVs and tiny homes

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High Capacity
Ultra-efficient Odour-free
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First choice for life on the road, water & land

Air Head Composting Toilet (Complete Unit)

Who we are

Enviromarine (NZ) Limited

Was created out of a concern for the health of our marine environment. For too long the ocean has been treated as a convenient dumping ground. We seek to make a difference and invite you to join us.

Envriomarine – Australia, Pacific Islands, and NZ’s Sole Agents For AIR HEAD COMPOSTING TOILETS

Designed for ...

Tiny Homes, Off-grid Homes, Sleep Outs

Motor Homes, Caravans, Recreational Vehicles

Horticulture / Farm buildings / Worker accomadation

Yachts, Launches, Commercial & Private

Air Head Advantages

Over conventional products

Over similar products

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