John Nejedlo

John Nejedlo

My wife and I have a blog, GeoAstroRV, I bought two of your composting toilets and use one in each of the units pictured.


Randy F.

Our toilet has been installed for about a month, and we are loving it.Named it “Herb.”

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Chuck P.

Thank you for the advice. We’ll try it out. I’m also promoting the Airhead at our Yacht club. Of all…

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Ari C. – Living aboard in Bay Area, California

I keep telling our customers about your system. We now have been using it for 8 years. We are doing…

Pearson Triton 28

Fit the new Air Head on Ganges yesterday and it’s perfect!


John Petersen

Good to see you again at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat show. Here are pictures of our installation.

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Ted B.

After using the Airhead in a small toy hauler camper for the season(approx. 20 days) it is perfect for this…

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Mary Lou H./ Joan G. – Ontario

You have a great product and it definitely was a wise move on our part to install your system. Thanks…

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Mary & Paul S. – Cruisers

We’ve been using an Air Head composting toilet since 2002 and it has worked beautifully. No holding tank to deal…

John & Laurie, Asheville, NC

Just want to send some pics of our install in our 2010 Lance 850 Truck Camper and to brag on…

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Ed M.

We have an old electric toilet with holding tank and just can’t stand the odors. Really anxious to toss that…

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Joseph H. – North Carolina

Hi, You may recall I purchased an AirHead about 5 years ago, and am still a happy user!

boat, yacht, railings-1867236.jpg

Roger Aue/Brook Delargarza Port Townsend, WA

The two of us have been using the Air Head Toilet for some months now. We installed it on dry…

Rev. Charlie Quillen

I want to thank you again for providing your excellent Air Head Composting toilet. We ended up with 20 men…

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