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Air Head Composting Toilet (Complete Unit)

Air Head vs. Similar Products

How are we better?

In 2001 we pioneered the use of diversion technology for small living spaces. “Air Head” is the first fully self-contained diversion composting system ever developed. Since that time our legacy is thousands of installations in at least five continents. Early on we focused on the most demanding application: marine. More recently our units can be found in anything from off the grid housing to RV’s. We are particularly proud that our vision has become the choice problem solver for many people who want to live with less environmental impact in tiny houses. We feel that our years of experience and commitment set us beyond those companies who have chosen to mimic our technology. That said, there are many differences that make our design more desirable. These may not be immediately apparent, but our comparison is completely transparent for those who are inclined to analyze objectively.

“Air Head” is the only diversion system that allows emptying of the urine bottle without opening the solids tank.

No More Smelly Hose or Tank

In standard mobile installations flexible hoses are bound to smell over time due to gas permeability of these hoses. In gravity systems, odors from the holding tank can enter into the living space. Our system makes and processes waste with no offensive odors and uses no permeable hoses. Combined with its active venting system, it simply will not smell up the the living area. How many mobile sanitation systems can make this claim?

Infrequent Solids Emptying

The solids tank may hold enough solid matter for a summer season of weekends. This surprising ability to hold so much in so little space is due to the absence of additional liquids and the product’s ability to break down the matter. For weekend use, the “Air Head” Composting Toilet will contain approximately 80 uses. Full-time use, 60 uses or two people for 1 month.

Simple Means Fewer Breakdowns

When rubber parts in standard mobile heads break due to wear, the unit has to be taken apart, exposing you to contamination as a result of passed sewage—not a pleasant experience. The “Air Head” Composting Toilet is predictable and reliable, and it uses no moving rubber parts. With so many complex systems of your boat, it’s refreshing to have one less thing to worry about. Save the rocket science for the radar.

Easier to Purchase

Confused about the myriad of parts? Valves, pumps, hoses, clamps, toilet, tank, vent ports, etc. are necessary for installation of a holding tank. The “Air Head” Composting Toilet is a complete, all-in-one unit for much less than the cost of a holding tank system. Backed by ONE manufacturer.

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